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Virginia Arrest and Booking Process

Arrested and Taken to Jail

When someone is arrested, they will be taken to a local police department, Sheriff's office, or State Police department where they will be processed, booked and placed in a holding facility.

The booking process can take some time to complete depending on how busy that facility may be. Sometimes booking can take an hour, sometimes several hours.

The detainee will be searched and personal items held by the jail. The detainee will not have access to their money, credit cards, cell phones, etc.

During the booking process they will go through fingerprinting, background check, warrant search and processed into the local computer system. Afterwards depending on the crime information will be sent to a nationwide criminal database and will be used as cross reference to see if the person arrested is wanted for any other crimes across the country.

If a friend or love one calls you from jail... 

Once the defendant is processed they will be placed in a jail cell. Some jail cells have a pay phone to use with a list of bail bonds available. Otherwise, arrestees will be given phone use at the jailer's convenience. Detainees cannot receive phone calls or messages. If someone calls you from jail, get as much information as possible. Find out if they want to be bailed out of jail, if so, find out what jail they are in, what the charges are, and how much bail is needed. Also ask about any personal matters that may need to be taken care of for them. ei..children, pets, and job situations.

Processing and Setting Bail

The work involved to process an arrestee is considerable. The process can be time consuming and frustrating. When someone is arrested on the weekend, at night, during meal times or shift changes the "booking" time can take longer.

The defendant may have several options for release if eligible; they may be released from jail on their own recognizance, bail bond or held until arraignment if no bail is posted.

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